Lighthouse Wellness Center is an educational and motivational center that offers:
 Individual and Family   Counseling & Life Coaching
Social-Educational  Groups, Classes & Recreation
Motivational   Seminars & Retreats 
 YOU ARE THE ONLY person in the universe that has the unique inner light and beauty
that you do!  
It is our mission to seek that light within you and assist you in utilizing your strengths to create the pages of your life that you truly desire.
Conquer your challenges and achieve the greatness that you deserve.  It is a simple process that requires persistent positive steps to awaken and widen one's path to harmony. 
 You do not have to continue to struggle through life one day at a time wondering if you could be happier, healthier or have more harmony. 
The answer is YOU CAN be happier, healthier and in more harmony than you are now.
Let us show you a 
healthier and happier path!
 Coaching, counseling, and retreats for
 individuals and families.

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